Benefits of SuperCare

  • Provides funding for essential dental care

  • Can offer funds to yourself, your partner, spouse or dependent child
  • No credit checks because you are accessing your own savings
  • Provides funds for treatment in private clinics and avoid long waiting time of public hospitals
  • You do not accrue large debts

Ideal for families that:

  • Do not have the relevant, or sufficient, private health insurance
  • May not have access to sufficient, available funds
  • Does have one member with Superannuation funds

Benefits of Afterpay

  • Easy sign up and instant approval

  • No external credit checks

  • Pay in 4 equal instalments, every 2 weeks, 0 interest when you pay on time

  • Reminders to ensure on time payments and responsible spending

  • No sign up fee, no establishment fees, not monthly account fees

  • Payments will automatically be deducted every fortnight from your nominated account