Wisdom Teeth Removal in Melbourne

At Carlton Dental, among the many general and emergency dental care services we provide is tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth, located in the back of your mouth — two in your upper jaw and two in your lower jaw — are more frequently extracted than any other teeth. This is because they can cause problems from the time they break through the gums, or erupt, around age 18 – 21. Insufficient space is often a major concern with wisdom teeth, as is impaction in which the teeth are partially or completely enclosed in the gum or the bone, therefore extracting them is what most dentists suggest, and so do we.

In such instances, we recommend removal of your wisdom teeth at a young age since the roots are not yet fully formed, and the surrounding bone is softer.

As a result, you will experience less pain after surgery, and you will heal faster. In fact, the older you are, the greater the chance of complication because the roots of your wisdom teeth are more fully developed and may have already begun to encroach on surrounding nerves, causing greater pain.

Why we recommend wisdom tooth extraction.

  • To avoid further and more complicated impactions

  • To reduce the chance of pain, swelling and infection from a partially erupted wisdom tooth

  • To remove food traps created by a partially erupted wisdom tooth

  • To prevent harm to adjacent teeth

  • To avoid the formation of cysts

  • To reduce potential crowding and optimise orthodontic treatment.

Visit us for a Safe Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our dentists here at Carlton Dental offer removal of wisdom teeth in a calm and compassionate environment that takes the anxiety out of tooth extraction. Whether you opt for local anaesthesia in one of our dentists’ chairs or general anaesthesia in a hospital, the choice is entirely yours.

Oral sedatives is also available to you in our surgery as an accompaniment to local anaesthesia if you prefer.

While the local anaesthetic alone will prevent pain, the sedation lessens your awareness of the procedure. Of course, general anaesthesia in a hospital enables you to be completely unaware of the entire experience as you sleep through the procedure.